Top 10 Websites For Gamers


if you’re looking for an online store to buy video games you have many choices. Steam is currently the biggest of the mall with competition from the likes of origin from Electronic Arts you play from Ubisoft the epic game store and many others, but if you want a storefront that delivers DRM free video games that don’t require an active internet connection.



GOG is the absolute best. GOG wood used to be known as good old games is a subsidiary of CD Projekt. CD Projekt is probably familiar to many of you their division for developing original games, CD Projekt RED is best known for The Witcher series, in addition to the newer games published by CD Projekt RED available on GOG you’ll find old-school titles along with indie games that may be difficult to find on most gaming websites. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games releases of 2020, it will be available on other sites but I highly suggest that you get it from the GOG website on here it will be DRM free with no activation or online connection required to play

2.Game Debate


game debate is a cool website that provides news from the video gaming and hardware industry, it’s not your typical gaming site I honestly could spend 15 minutes describing its features but I’ll give you a quick rundown instead, if you do a search for any game and enter your system specs it will let you know how well that game will run on your computer. you can also find out the average FPS expected based on the graphics card you’re currently using or do a search for any CPU or GPU to gather additional information.

3.Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle sells ebooks, software, and other digital content but they’re most well known for their incredible gaming bundles, their philosophy is simple to pay what you want to get the bundle at certain levels you get the opportunity to unlock more with a portion of the proceeds going to charity, so far since 2010 more than 154 million has been donated to charity, separate from me pay what you want philosophy they also offer the humble monthly for a fixed cost of twelve dollars per month. Each month there’s a new bundle of high-quality games for you to download and play whenever you want,

4.Games Finder


For those times when you’re at a loss of which game you’d like to play next games finder might be able to help you out to search for similar games to your favorite enter the name of the game or Series in the box. in this example I’ll go with grand theft auto on the next page you will now see a list of games voted on by users and vetted by the games finder editorial staff.



if you’ve grown tired of the heavily moderated forums found on the gamed publishers web sites the so-called front page of the Internet Reddit may be what you’re looking. for for the one or two of you that have never used the site enter the title of the game in the search bar, Let’s go with destiny to go to communities and users and find your game in the list in the subreddit page that follows you’ll likely find a plethora of posts and resources that will help you out with your game

6.How Long To Beat


how long to beat is a great site to visit to find out the playtime needed to complete a game, this can be useful if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to invest your precious free time invest it in a game that will take you months or even years to complete. As you type the title of the game in the search bar it will appear below.

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7.Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is an online video game retailer that partners with more than 600 publishers offering fantastic deals that can be redeemed on Steam epic games and you play to name a few. you’ll often find hot deals on here that can’t be found elsewhere for those of you not familiar with Green Man gaming yeah they’re completely legit they’ve been around since 2010. I’ve used them several times over the years with no issues, for additional savings check out their bundles the quantities for each bundle are limited so if you find one that you want you better hurry before they run out of stock.


When deciding on a new game to play it’s usually best not to rely on the review of just one critic their personal tastes might differ quite a bit from yours. Metacritic in addition to TV movies and music also aggregates reviews for games from the numerous gaming websites which they call the meta score, for this particular game here, ‘s 5 it has a meta score of 81 based on the reviews of 21 critics, which is overwhelmingly positive but the user score is more mixed with a 6 point 9 out of 10, in my personal experience the user score is generally more reliable when using the side.


if your idea of fun is watching other people playing video games the most popular site right now is twitch. with the largest variety of games and live broadcasts you’ll likely find content on here but the tips and strategy you need to level up. Your game for those of you that don’t know twitch is owned by the evil overlords at Amazon so of course twitch has it’s very own Prime membership with twitch Prime you get free games to loot and unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video.



As an alternative to twitch another site gaining popularity is mixer which is owned by Microsoft they recently made waves by luring the popular streamer ninja and his millions of followers from twitch over to mixe.