TOP 10 iPhone LIVE Wallpaper Apps (2020)


Even if you love your iPhone to death, you cannot deny the fact that Apple gives users anemic controls over the appearance of iOS. As a user, you cannot change the icons or manage their shape or size, you cannot change the size of the home screen grid, you cannot even change the number of applications that can be saved in your iPhone’s dock. That is why users have to settle for the few options we have. One of my favorite customization features for iPhone are the wallpapers. I love changing the wallpapers on my iPhone and, especially, I love live wallpapers on the lock screen. Since Apple offers a very limited set of wallpapers, I am always looking for the best third-party wallpaper applications. In this article, I will share my favorite wallpaper apps while I show you the 10 best iPhone live wallpaper apps:

iPhone LIVE Wallpaper Apps (2020)

1. Live Wallpapers Forever

One of my favorite live wallpaper apps for iPhone is the Live Wallpapers Forever app, which offers a healthy selection of live wallpapers that ranges from muted to lush. The application is very well developed and presents many categories to help you find your favorite live wallpapers.

iPhone LIVE Wallpaper Apps

The categories include a section for you along with Most popular, Free, Trends, Summary, Animals and more. The selection of the wallpaper here is quite good. The only problem I have with this application is that it is too expensive to unlock the pro version that eliminates ads and gives you access to all premium wallpapers.

Download (Free, $7.99/month)

2. WOW Pixel

The second iPhone LIVE Wallpaper Apps is WOW Pixel. If you like retro images, then this live wallpaper will fall into your alley. The WOW Pixel live wallpaper app features wallpapers that show 8-bit adventures. There are some selected heroes, each with its own story that is shown on the live wallpapers.

iPhone LIVE Wallpaper Apps

Live wallpapers here focus on showing emotions. Whether you are angry, sad or happy, there is more than one wallpaper to express your emotions. The best part is that these live wallpapers not only look good on the line of iPhone X devices, but even on older models of iPhone 6s and above, including iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and more.

Download (Free, $39.99/year)

3. Black Lite – Live Wallpapers

If you have the latest iPhone X, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, this could be the best live wallpaper for you. Since all of these smartphones have an AMOLED screen that features individually illuminated pixels, a black wallpaper generally improves battery life and looks great. The Black Lite – Live Wallpapers I present here brings a set of completely black wallpapers with a live transformation gem in the middle.

iPhone LIVE Wallpaper Apps

The wallpaper looks beautiful on AMOLED screens. There are some free wallpapers, while the rest are hidden behind a payment wall. Fortunately, the pro version is priced quite well so you don’t have to spend too much money. Believe me, this is the best live wallpapers for iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Download (Free, $0.99)

4. intoLive

If you are someone who likes to have more control over their wallpapers, check out the intoLive application that allows users to create their own wallpapers from GIFs and videos. You can use any video or GIF you want and turn them into live wallpapers that look really amazing.

iPhone LIVE Wallpaper Apps

The good thing about this application is that it only takes a few seconds to create live wallpapers. Live wallpapers created with the intoLive app look great on any iPhone model, from iPhone 6s to the latest iPhone XS.

Download (Free, $2.99)

5. Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds+

Equipped with more than 100 lovely wallpapers, I liked this application for having various moving images. Some of the types of wallpaper that I have found quite charming are aquariums, coral reefs with sharks, chimneys, candles, beautiful beaches, landscapes, and geometric patterns.

live wallpapers for iphone

Therefore, choose them based on your mood to ensure that they perfectly complement your style.Setting the wallpaper for your iPhone screen is quite simple. Simply press and hold an action button and then choose it as your wallpaper.


6. Patternator

If you want to give funky-looking wallpapers a chance, “Patternator” would be the way to go. The application allows you to create attractive and animated patterns and use them as a live wallpaper.

live wallpapers for iphone

You can choose from a huge library of fun stickers to create fun patterns. And just in case, you want to add more customization to the mix, design your selfies with elegance using lovely backgrounds and color palettes.That’s not all, Patternator also allows you to save your creativity as a GIF so you can exploit it on social sites for instant attention!


7. intoLive

“IntoLive” is much more than a simple live wallpaper application. You guessed it! The application allows you to create amazing live wallpapers using GIFs and videos. It allows you to transform your shots into burst into animated images too.

live wallpapers for iphone

You can use the quick tools to edit live photos intelligently. Choose from some custom designs to decorate your images. intoLive has up to 30 filters so you can experiment. And there is also an option to adjust the playback speed.


8. Dynamic wallpapers & themes

With over 100 elegantly designed live wallpapers, it is worth including this in its exclusive collection. After carefully analyzing your offers, I would like to share three things about this application.

iphone live wallpaper free

First, the wide variety of images, from amazing fireplaces, candles, Christmas trees to the always adorable beaches, the application has a good combination of photos. The second, the animated images have a professional design that helps them get attention immediately. And the third, the application is completely free, unlike many of its counterparts.


9. Face Morph

If you love setting up more personalized wallpapers, you must consider “Face Morph”. The application has automatic detection of facial landmarks, and there is also a cropping tool that allows you to eliminate the unnecessary portion of any photo.

live wallpaper

You can export your photos to Live Photos. In addition, Face Morph also allows you to save your images as HD GIF and HD video. With Facebook integration, it allows you to share your photos with friends.

Download Price: $2.99

10. ThemeNow

The last iPhone live wallpaper app is ThemeNow. ThemeNow includes a unique collection of interactive and amazing animated wallpapers. The application is optimized for iPhone 6s, 7, 8 and X. You can work with the application on devices loaded with iOS 11. The ThemeNow application includes a wide range of wallpapers in various categories such as Nature, Science, Animals, INK, Summary and much more. Live wallpapers are updated daily and you will have access to new themes. In addition, you will access regular collections of content for each holiday season.

live wallpaper

The application also offers exclusive wallpapers based on the relevant calendar each month. You must click to save the live wallpaper on the camera reel. You can set the saved wallpapers as Live Photo wallpapers for your lock screen. It is possible to share your favorite wallpapers with friends, and the application is easy to use. The free trial subscription will be renewed unless you cancel 24 hours before the renewal after the expiration date. You will have to pay $ 7.99 per week to take advantage of the application. Automatic renewal can be disabled by navigating to the Account Settings page after purchase.


TOP 10 iPhone LIVE Wallpaper Apps:

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