These Harmful android apps You Must Uninstall!


These Harmful android apps You Must Uninstall!

We always talk about the good app that you must install, but if you think about it there are more bad apps on the Play Store then they are good apps, In fact we have been hearing a lot of news about these harmful android apps, fake abs that have malware, adware, and whatnot and these apps have a million of downloads, in fact if you combine the downloads of these fake apps it will be more than 100 million, So it’s obvious that a lot of people are falling for these fake apps,

These Harmful android apps You Must Uninstall!


But hey don’t worry today we are going to make your inner experience a whole lot better by helping you uninstall these fake apps, and I’ll also suggest you read this article till the very end because I’ll be giving some simple tips to help you detect these fake apps on the Play coming to the fake apps there are two types of apps I want to talk about first up hidden apps.

This kind of harmful android apps has this strategy to generate revenue by either showing you full-page ads upfront or in the background while remaining hidden from the user. In fact, some of these apps even have the ability to create automated ad clicking to generate revenue, yeah it’s a mess, so these harmful android apps are hidden they take up your storage, they show you full-page ads and they remain in the background draining your batteries, so yeah they’re not good.

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I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this type of ads in someone’s phone and your friends or your family and you’ve probably wondered where are these ads coming from I haven’t installed in the app and I can’t find the app that is bringing these ads. Well there’s a very simple way to find the app just go to settings you go-to apps and now just find the app that you don’t use or you know that seems a little odd or weird and just uninstall it and that’s.

the next harmful android apps three-day trial scam apps so what exactly are scam apps, well these are free apps on the Play Store that do simple tasks like making photo collages, removing background from photos, recording audio etc so what’s scammy about these apps. Premium apps these apps prompt you to accept the subscription without even showing you the app or even without the premium features.

you obviously accept the subscription because you think I just want to use this app war and said I’ll uninstall it but then you forget the subscription. But the problem is the subscription remains active and you will be charged after the free trial of three days.


Just look at this app reported by ESET the folds behind the popular antivirus now it’s a simple photo editing app that asks you to subscribe first up, no mention of any features or anything really and it’s asking for 800 Rs per years. after just three days of free trial and there’s a reason it’s just three days of the free trial. Google does not refund the amount you’ve paid for a paid app or a subscription after three days of making a payment. so for these kind of apps, you are charged and you just do not get a refund, there are several apps that play this whole three-day free trial scam game and you know what a lot of people accidentally make this payment,

when you first buy an app on the Play Store using a debit card or a credit card it asks you if you want authentication for purchases every single time if you set it to no thanks the next time you pay for an app a subscription it would ask for any password any verification nothing. It’s just one tap and buy and subscribe it’s insane, so if there’s any usual app or a simple app that does a very small task and it asks for an insane amount of money or a subscription, just understand that it’s a scam and there’s one more thing you need to do.

How to Avoid this Scam

just go to play store settings here set the required authentication option to for all purchases this way you won’t subscribe to things or pay accidentally also just make sure to go to the Play Store and check out the subscriptions option so this any subscription of a scam app well you’ll be able to cancel it immediately right here.

honestly, I’ve started to lose trust in Android apps but wait there are some simple things you need to do to identify fake apps on the Play Store.

Simple Tips To Identify fake Apps

first up never go by the ratings fake ratings and good ratings can be generated and most of these fake apps have really good really fake ratings. Yeah, I just don’t trust the rating on the Play Store.

Next up before you install an unknown app or a new app read the reviews and don’t just read the top reviews or the positive reviews make sure to read the critical reviews because they tell you there’s something wrong with the app if there’s a scam or anything so if an app is fake or scam you will know from these reviews.

Lastly, make sure to check the permissions and app is taking. I mean if there’s an app and it asks for say the phone permission and you think why does this app need the phone permission. but that’s the first indication that this might be a fake app that just needs the permissions to use it wrongly. Now keep these tips in mind and I’m pretty sure you’ll be safe from all the fake apps going around, but there’s one problem see generally be tech-savvy people can follow these tips and remain safe from the fake apps but what about your regular Laman user who is not the tech-savvy well they touch the ratings on the Play Store, they don’t really read the reviews on the Play Store, and well they don’t really care about the permissions and app is taking,

Google needs to do

well here’s what Google needs to do for these users so what if Google implemented a verified profile kind of thing on the Play Store similar to how there are verified profiles on social media I mean this is obviously just an idea and not really a concrete solution but Google could do something like this to make things more simple and more visible for every single Android user out there.

So Google if you’re listening why don’t you create something like verified developer profiles on the Play Store so that millions and millions of Android users out there only install safe trusted apps and do not fall for all of these fake apps. Well here’s hoping well those are my thoughts on all the news that is going around about malware-infected apps on Android and whatnot but what do you think what should Google do to stop these fake apps tell us in the comment section below.