The Oneplus 8 just got leaked


The Oneplus 8 just got leaked

And this is like a week out from when the OnePlus 7T just launched and this leak comes from Steve from Owen leaks a very reliable and very reputable leaker this dude doesn’t usually just put stuff out there unless he’s got a pretty solid source on it and I mean this guy’s track record is good most of his want Plus leaks are on point and he’s one of the first people to accurately leak what the iPhone 11 would look like so I’m inclined to believe this information.

The big takeaway on this leak is the screen, it’s rocking a hole-punch camera and it’s a curved screen it’s also supposed to have wireless charging which is first for a oneplus phone but it’s just crazy how far this phone deviates from the existing oneplus 7T and the emphasis on this leak is that it is the OnePlus 8 not the oneplus 8 pro but just like the regular version one plus 8 so that hole-punch camera if this leak is accurate I think this is the first phone I’ve seen that isn’t a Samsung branded phone that has a hole-punch camera on an OLED screen like we’ve seen hole punches on IPS LCD screens but not on an AMOLED screen outside of what Samsung offers.

Another feature you can see in this leak is the presence of a curved screen edge on that screen and it’s something I’ve talked about extensively on my article I don’t like curved screens on my phones and it’s very personal preference but the regular oneplus phones like the 7 the 7T,6T they’ve always had flat screens and the proline has the curved screen but it’s weird that they’re implementing a curved edge on the OnePlus 8 and it’s something that does make these products look and feel more premium especially in photos and videos like for advertising material curved edges looks so nice but just practically speaking they don’t provide anything, I just don’t I don’t like that they’re doing this if this leak is true I don’t know I think a lot of people are not gonna be happy with this curved screen.

The camera system on the back is also a little bit strange like the 7T that just came out has this circular cluster that’s big it’s got this horizontally lined up triple camera system, this new one plus eight render this leaked render has a vertical orientation kind of like the way that the OnePlus 7 pro does and it just feels that they’d revert back to that but the whole thing about this design that is just really weird to me is that this phone looks so much like a Samsung phone like, imagine like a galaxy s 10, and this is just what it looked like it’s it’s very Samsung and there’s nothing wrong with that maybe that’s what they’re going for like maybe one-plus wants to make their products look more like Samsung like more premium but like here’s the thing oneplus phones have always had an iconic design to them something that not everyone would like but it was just visually recognizable as a oneplus design.

Now I understand that once you start implementing hole-punch cameras on the front they’re all gonna look like that especially if you don’t have notches or any kind of distinguishing features upfront but that particularly looks very Samsung to me and I’m curious what you guys think like I know a lot of you guys are big oneplus fans are you guys comfortable with oneplus pushing in that direction so their phones look so similar to Samsung’s product line and also here’s another question that just popped up into my mind what’s the difference now like what’s the difference between a Samsung flagship and one of these oneplus phones like sure the cameras better on the Samsung phone but if this OnePlus8 does, in fact, have wireless charging there’s just even more feature parity between these brands.

I don’t know it feels strange to me like I don’t know about the reliability of this leak right it is Steve and he has a great track record especially with oneplus products so I’m just I’m inclined to believe this but it just feels so weird to me okay that basically wraps this up I’m obviously the OnePlaus is gonna be like but spring of 2020.

When it comes out and I’m sure it’s gonna have like the regular trimming like all the regular upgrades but just from a design perspective the aesthetics of this phone it’s strange.