Next Generation PS5 Leaks And Xbox Scarlett


PS5 Leaks And Xbox Scarlett

next generation reveals are quickly approaching, even as we have 4 years of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games to close out this current generation, it’s been a precarious roller coaster ride of rumors and leaks of what the consoles will be and even a mystery of how many will launch in 2020. And a new leak from the Japanese media could make next-generation on the PlayStation more flexible and more enticing.


Today we are going to talk about what the PS5 and Xbox scarlet will offer at this point and what that means for your eyeballs and your wallet. Last year rumors were circling about the next Xbox being launched as a to model approached one being in Xbox one X like machine within almost 4 times faster CPU and a powerhouse Xbox, with both the new CPU and a monster GPU, both launched at two price points in 2020.

Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda

As the Xbox Lockhart and Xbox anaconda for the record the two Xbox model approach was real and for some time during much of 2018 and 2019. according to insiders, things changed and the gaming media was quite surprised at Xbox E3 2019 when Xbox Scarlett has announced a singular chipboard with one purpose all-powerful with the option removed to market a cheaper alternative in Lockhart for the casual console customer.

Maybe it was a bad idea maybe the general populace of gaming voices especially on Sony side thought two models would be too confusing, here we are six months from Sony’s big reveal for the PS 5 and now Japanese journalists Zenji Nishikawa has leaked that Sony plans to roll out two models of the PS 5. This statement alone clears up cloudy messaging from Sony as they have dodged straightforward explanations of hardware accelerator ray-tracing on the PS 5.

marks Ernie’s description of the PS5 with hyper-fast loading times and ray-traced audio could have been reserved for the base model PS5, here we are hearing the word rate racing outside of Sony still targeted for the PS5, now Sony has a PS5 and PS5 pro releasing simultaneously in 2020, instead of waiting to offer an upgrade as the hardware package ages midway through the generation,


this comes months after Microsoft’s Phil spencer adamantly explained that the next Xbox would not need a mid-generation refresh as they feel the Xbox Scarlet would be future-proof on its own, which leaves the next Xbox launch with just one supposed option of the most powerful console at $500. Logical critical thinking of a to model console price point puts the PS5 pro a hardware-accelerated rate racing superfast PlayStation at $500 and a base model PS5 with trimmings reserved for $400.

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Ps5 Leaks Comparison

the ps4 pro from 2016 is still almost always priced at $400 rarely seen price cuts let alone sales, it’s somewhat hard to believe that in one year a base model PS5 running at double to triple the frame rate double the visual clarity and more for the same price as the current ps4 Pro. So I can’t say with a straight face that the base PS5 would hit the market for less than 400 US dollars, let alone something like 300 or 350 not with Zen and Navi hardware.


last year it was possible that the Xbox anaconda the base model next Xbox would be priced as low as 300$ because it could have the 2017 Xbox one X parts to reduce the costs in 2020, but it’s very unlikely that Sony would put the 2016 ps4 pro GPU in a new ps5 when in the current generation it could hardly ever achieve a native 4k resolution, the PS5 does not need to offer an economy model and an enthusiast powerhouse in 2020 to be a success,


the promise of first-party games and the track record of Sony’s PlayStation can sell the console on its own merits, if this is true customers will have an incredible option of a $400 brand new PS 5 with all of the most important components and high frame rates and super fast loading times and if they want to spend a little extra a super-powerful PS5 pro with hardware-accelerated rate racing high frame rates and fast loading times.

Next to it will be the xbox scarlett with a competing console to the PS5 pro at a similar price point at $500 both platforms are offering the same experience several steps ahead of current console offerings and even rivaling most pcs and visuals and gameplay experience, but until the spring of 2020 we’ll have to wait and see what the consoles will truly offer and it looks like console gaming is finally making that leap that we’ve all been waiting for.