How To Enable Chrome Dark Mode Android


Chrome Dark Mode for Android

The dark mode is finally available on Google Chrome for Android, yes it’s true guys, and in this tutorial, I’m gonna tell about how to get dark mode enabled in Google Chrome for Android.  First make sure google chrome is fully updated from the Play Store, make sure it is on version 74 then you’re good to continue. Just type chrome flags in the address bar and click on it, this will take you to Google Chrome experimental features page, this is where all the magic happens,


just search for dark mode in the search bar and they will find two options Android web contents dark mode and Android Chrome UI Dark mode. Just change Android chrome UI dark mode to enabled and now you to relaunch Chrome after relaunching Chrome a couple of times go to settings and they will find dark mode just click on it and click on dark mode to enable it they will see guys this is dark mode,

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isn’t this amazing this is very suiting for your eyes and helps you use Google Chrome at night easily, also if we want all your web contents including websites to go dark you can enable and read web contents dark mode this is it this is not perfect but you can enable it just click on it and click on enable now I have to relaunch Chrome.

as you can see the entire web content UI has changed to Google darknet all your websites will google dark and as I told you it’s not perfect as you can see all the pictures do not look great this is a work in progress but it is way better than having no dark mode at all so guys, now I can enjoy that modern Google Chrome easily if you liked this video don’t forget to smash the like button below do share this video with your friends and family and do subscribe to my channel until then I’ll see you again in my next video thanks for watching