Honor 9X First Impressions And Full Review


Honor 9X First Impressions And Full Review

on his budget smartphones haven’t really been taking the world by storm update but when the company unwieldy Honor 9 X and the Honor 9X PRO in China, well I was very interested because they seemed like capable powerful budget smartphones,

well, this is the Honor 9x first impressions. So This here is the honor 9x and in china, it’s prized 1400 Yuan. Which is around fourteen thousand rupees and at that price this is a food that seems exciting.

Let’s start with the design, so the owner 9x is a phone that’s really honor like you get the gradient finish on the glass back and it has this X pattern. It is on a 9x after all and honestly this x pattern is hard to show in from the camera but you get the idea,

Honor 9X First Impressions And Full Review

anywhere in the front I love how the honor 9x is bezel is this small chin but other than that there is no notch of any kind it’s beautiful especially for a phone that cost 14k.
the display here is a 6.59 inch full HD IPS display and it’s a nice display it’s pride the colors look natural and overall it’s on power with the likes of the note 7 pro or the realme 5pro. But obviously the whole experience here is enhanced due to the fact that this is a bezel is display it’s immersive and looks really great now the bezel-less design is here due to this pop-up camera yes there’s a pop-up camera on board and I know it’s not anything new but hey for a budget smartphone it’s pretty cool look.

It’s not the fastest pop of camera as you can see and it does not even do face unlock at least not this Chinese unit of the 9x but yeah cool so no face unlock but you get the fingerprint scanner and it’s here on the power/lock button. I think this fingerprint scanner placement is highly underrated, I think it’s convenient to use and it’s fast because it’s a physical scanner yeah it’s all-round nice about on that you get the USB C port the headphone jack and the single speaker on the bottom pretty sound stuff, now moving on from the design the big highlight of the order 9 X is the latest Kirin 810 processor. It’s a highlight because it’s a 7nm processor and it’s said to be very powerful.

Honor 9X First Impressions And Full Review


let me show you the benchmarks,first here’s the kirin 810 benchmarks against the snapdragon 675 and the snapdragon 712. it which are the powerful processors in this price range. well as you can see that here Kirin 810 head by a huge margin both in antutu and Geekbench fourth.

It’s a big difference well the killing 810 is powerful but how does it compare to the Snapdragon 730 a processor available in high-end phones well see for yourself, yeah the Kirin 18 beats the Snapdragon 730 – awesome right I mean I want to put this against the media take G 90T chipset that’ll drive with the redmi note 8 pro it’ll be interesting.

So clearly the keyring 810 chipset on the honor 9x is a powerful processor and it has the competition beat hands down anyway how’s the real-world performance like. well I haven’t used this phone as my daily driver but in whatever time I have had of it it’s been fairly small anyway the gaming is what you guys want to know right.
When PUBG mobile surprisingly defaults to medium graphics when you open it up, however, I played the game at high frame rate and HD graphics and it was not buttery smooth, but yeah I do feel this global version of pop G isn’t optimized for this Chinese EMU, I build here because the game just crashed a couple of times as play having said that I think this is a non-issue because other games ran just fine and on high graphics.


Call of Duty mobile default into high settings and the gameplay was just nice and fluid I played Aspant 9 and as you can see the gameplay was how you expect from powerful smartphone. So overall the Kirin 810 is a powerful chipset no doubts about that anyway on the software front the owner 9x gonna be the same old emui 9 based on android 9 pie yes there’s no emui-10 here based on Android 10 but the road map says it’s coming in December so yes it’ll be updating.well let’s talk cameras now the owner 9x comes with the dual-camera setup a 48megapixel primary camera and a 2-megapixel depth sensor, yeah there’s no ultra-wide-angle lens here which is only part of the 9Xpro so yeah that is a little disappointing. Anyway I took some photos with the 9x and they are good although nothing extraordinary.

Honor 9X First Impressions And Full Review


I mean daytime photos a sharp detailed and pretty nice in low-light – the photos are decent all the noise creeps in sometimes, the second descends our helps with the portrait mode and well I’m not sure if it’s helping because the edge detection seems off in most photos there’s a zoom in here see this is pretty bad, to be honest. On the video for this only 1080p at 60fps support which is weird I mean you saw how powerful the Keating 810 is so it is surprising there’s no 4k support given the benefit of the doubt maybe it’s the issue of the Chinese radio anyway here’s a 1080p video shot from the hole.
Then there’s the selfie camera it’s a 16 megapixel F 2.0 camera, the selfies are okay but you can see that they’re just a little over-processed and natural when there’s a lot of life look I’m not only impressed with the on a 9 X camera so far and yes they seem pretty average to me.


lastly let’s talk about the battery the owner nine expats in a 4000 mAh battery which is kind of the standard here anyway the battery should last find where there’s one problem that is the 10-watt charger in the box yes you don’t get a fast charger in the box and that is disappointing. but surprisingly I tried some fast charges and even they don’t work, it is surprising because the Huawei Nova 4 with the same chipset suppose fast charging.