123movies site pirate streaming site is renamed 0123movies site


After several days of inactivity, the 123movies site pirate movie streaming site was renamed 0123movies site for a new start. With the change of brand and a new domain name, the popular site hopes to clearly differentiate itself from the many fake sites that appeared online recently.

Pirate movie streaming sites and services continue to gain popularity, with 123movies at the forefront of this trend.

However, growth is not always easy. During the past week, the site has suffered significant downtime, for unknown reasons. The site finally returned during the weekend in the 123movieshd.to domain, but that was not the end of the turmoil.

Yesterday, the site changed to a new home, first renamed to Memovies, only to change to Gomovies a few hours later.

123movies site

While site operators remain silent about the exact reason for downtime, a site representative told TorrentFreak that 0123movie site will be the official domain of the site, at least for now.

When asked about the reason for the name change, the representative said that it is partly to differentiate

Operators got tired of the many fake sites that occupied a very high place in search engines with the 123movies site brand. With the change, GoMovies will try to regain momentum.

The old domain names 123movies.is and 123movies.to are now linked to the new GoMovies, and the site also confirmed the surprising brand change in its official Twitter account.

While GoMovies has a new domain name and logo, the rest of the site is virtually intact. In fact, most references to 123movies site are still present on the site, even in the site title and in the frequently asked questions section.

123movies site

Although the turbulent week with several days of inactivity remains largely unexplained, the site representative expects them to remain in the new domain for a while. However, they told us that they may have to change again in the future.

In addition to the millions of users of the site, copyright holders also closely monitor the developments of 123movies / 0123movies site, who view the site as one of their main objectives.

Hollywood previously reported the site to the US Government Business Representative. UU., Labeling it as one of the most “notorious” pirate markets, and the site is also blocked by UK ISPs. Last week, the US ambassador to Vietnam increased the pressure by urging a local minister to prosecute site operators, who allegedly reside there.

Update: Perhaps, as expected, at least one of the fake sites has already been changed to 123movies site … It is possible that defeating fake sites is not as easy as expected.

Update 2: The 123movies site representative now says that one of the site operators informed him that the 123movies site domain was sold to a new group. That’s why the name was changed to the 123movies site.

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